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Thank you for Taking the time to Participate...I did not get to see all of the completed works so I am looking forward to seeing what you have completed. I would love for you all to share your work with me (Ryan@FableVisionLearning.com), what your thoughts were about the two days and how for you this translates into the classroom. Please feel free to use me as a resource and FableVision Learning as a resource...I am here to support you and offer my continued support.
Thank you!

From Writing to Animation-ish with FableVision and Peter H. Reynolds.

Title IID Grant Schools are invited to attend this special event.
Date: July 26 and 27, 2010
Time: 9 am - 3 pm.

Advanced preparation necessary.

The goal is to focus on Language-Arts and integration with technology. The participants will create four final projects:

  1. Story about a historical figure from the local area Queens (List provided)
  2. Storyboard using Animation-ish 5-10 frames
  3. Moving animation at least 30-60 frames
  4. Silent film created with iMovie or Movie Maker

Participants will:

*Conduct research on historical figures
*Write short stories
*Storyboard (Sequencing)
*Animate (creating a moving story)
*Problem Solve
*Use web 2.0 for video sharing

Participants will learn and use:
  1. Animation-ish
  2. Stationary Studio Deluxe
  3. Tablets
  4. iMovie or Movie Maker

Advanced Preparation:
Participant will come with a bulleted list of facts about a local historical figure from Queens.Information can be obtained from the Queens Celebrities pdf or select from another source.

Project One: Create a story about a historical figure -
Participants will create and write a story about a historical figure using 3 questions.
Who is this person?
What was their influence?
What do they mean to you? Participants will collaborate and present their influential person.

Project Two: Storyboarding
The participants will take their story and create a 5-10 frame storyboard based on what they have written drawing out key points in their story using Flipbook-ish.

The Storyboard will be exported via Image Sequence and either printed or imported into MS Word or another word processing program where participants will add text to their storyboard frames.

Project Three: Animating
Participants will take their storyboard and expand it to a 30-60 frame animation, showing only the movement of the story using Flipbook-ish or Advanced-ish. (no text)

When the animation is complete they will export the animation to Flash File or another file that is compatible to iMovie or Movie Maker.

Project Four: Silent Film
The participants will create an animated film that is web ready using iMovie or Movie Maker. They will take the exported animation and break it apart by inserting text, transitions, and music to complete their story.

Upon completion of your silent film you will upload the video to our Vimeo site.
User ID: oetq@schools.nyc.gov
Password: oetq

Preparation for the Peter Reynolds Workshop

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Monday July 26th and July 27th We are Very excited to be Hosting a Language Arts Integrating technology and digital story telling workshop. We will be creating short stories and in the end turning them into an animated Silent Movie! Your finished projects will be ready to post Online by the end of the Workshop.

Peter H. Reynolds – Award Winning Children’s Author/Illustrator & CEO of FableVision Studio’s
Ryan Galloway – Mission Specialist and Professional Development Leader
Special Guest:
Christo Tsiaras – Emmy Award Winning Video Editor & CEO of Dream Alley Pictures.

(shhhhhh!!!!!! It’s a secret…Christo will be inducted as a new part of FableVision Learning at the conclusion of the Workshop. He will be inducted as the first Fable Mentor. A Fable Mentor is one who is a professional outside of education that reaches out to support education and shares our vision of the 200 year mission. We welcome you to witness this momentous occasion, as we welcome him to the FableVision Family.)

You will be provided with a laptop and software for the workshop. However, you may download the trial versions onto your personal computer once you've completed the course.
1. If you no not have Animation-ish, Please download the trial by visiting:
http://www.fablevision.com/animationish/index.php and select the free trial.

2. If you no not have Stationery Studio, Please download the trial by visiting:
http://www.fablevision.com/stationerystudio/index.php and select the free trial.

3. We will be focusing the workshop on historical/influential figures from the Queens area. Please look through this list: (http://www.queenstribune.com/best2002/celebrities-best2002.htm)
and choose a person and write a short story with three questions in Mind;
a. Who is the person?
b. What was their influence?
c. What do they mean to you?
We will spend some time at the workshop discussing the writing to give you an opportunity to adjust your short story.

5. If you can, bring music that best fits your story/person…preferably digital…if not we can help convert it.

4. Remember to pack lots of smiles because we are going to have a lot of Fableicious fun!