Video Tutorials on Creating Your Blog by Ellen Phillips

  • Renaming Your Blog
  • Changing Your Theme
  • Creating Categories
  • Creating a New Post
  • Inserting an Image in a Post
  • Creating a Hyperlink in a Post
  • Inserting a Video in a Post
  • Embedding a Clustr Map in your Sidebar
  • Embedding a Podcast in a Post using Playtagger
  • Embedding a Google Map into a Post


Post #1a - Creating a First Post using an Image

Copyright Free Image Resources:
Putting an image in your first "Welcome" post sets the tone of your blog. It can be any image that you like, but it must be COPYRIGHT FREE. Search the image resources at the left or use one of your own photos. Here are several flower photos that you can use to save time. Remember: You can always edit later.
Blue_Morning_Glory.jpg Fran's_Lillies.jpg

Post #1 b - Inserting Text into a Post

Creating your first post is very important. It gives you an opportunity to welcome your students to blog, set blogging protocol for Internet safety and instruct them on how to comment to a post.

Here's a sample text. Feel free to copy/paste/edit.
Welcome to our class blog! This year, we will be using our blog to communicate in school and from home. We will be putting our work online so we all can see each others' ideas. Remember that everyone in the WORLD can see your work, so be sure to check your work BEFORE you post it to the comment box. Fix spelling and grammar mistakes before your post. I will be checking your work before it's published. We want the WORLD to see your BEST work!

Remember, we never use our last names online. Sign your post with your first name and class.

Homework assignments will be posted online as well. I will give you instructions on due dates and times.

Remember! Always be kind when commenting to someone else's post. Inappropriate behavior online will not be tolerated.

Please click the "comments" below and type in "I have read our first post and understand my responsibilities." Be sure to sign your first name ONLY!

Moderating Comments to a Post

Now that you've created your first post, let's learn how to comment to that post and then moderate comments.

Commenting to someone else's blog post
  1. Please ask the person sitting with you to give you their blog address.
  2. Go to their blog and locate their first post.
  3. Click on "comments" under the post.
  4. Log in
  5. Pretend you are a student and type in "I have read our first post and understand my responsibilities." Sign with your first name only.

Moderating a comment on your own blog
  1. Go to your blog.
  2. Click on "Moderate Comments" on the right.
  3. Click on "edit" and read the comment.
  4. Click "save".
  5. Click the box to the left of the comment and scroll down.
  6. Go to the drop down menu and select "Approve Selected"
  7. Click "go".
  8. A green check will appear next to the comment.
  9. Go to your homepage and click on the "comments" below.
  10. The approved comment will appear there shortly.

Post #2 - Inserting a Video into your Blog

Copyright Free Video Resources:
"Blogs in Plain English" - Common Craft Video

We will be using this video in your new blog so you will be able to show it to your students. Copy the following embed code and paste into the html icon on your post.

Embed code: <embed src="http://www.teachertube.com/embed/player.swf" width="
470" height="275" bgcolor="undefined" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen=
"true" flashvars="file=http://www.teachertube.com/embedFLV.php?pg=video_12423&menu=false&frontcolor=ffffff&lightcolor=FF0000&logo=
video_id=12423&stretching=exactfit&plugins=viral-2&viral.callout=none&viral.onpause=false" />